May Day each year on May 1. This section comes from Chicago workers strike. May 1, 1886, more than 20 million workers in Chicago to fight for practicing eight hours work but hold the big strike, through arduous and bloody struggle, finally won. To commemorate the labor movement, July 14, 1889, the General Assembly on behalf of the Socialist Marxist countries convened in Paris, France opened. Conference delegates agreed that: the May 1st holiday as a common international proletariat. The resolution received a positive response of workers around the world. May 1, 1890, Europe and the United States take the lead in working class took to the streets, held a grand demonstration and assembly, for the legitimate rights and interests. From then on, every day working people around the world have to assembly, of procession and celebration.
五一劳动节在每年的5月1日。 此节源于美国芝加哥的工人大罢工。1886年5月1日,芝加哥的20 多万工人为争取实行八小时工作制而举行大罢工,经过艰苦的流血斗争,终于获得了胜利。为纪念这次工人运动,1889年7月14日,由各国马克思主义者召集的社会主义者代表大会,在法国巴黎隆重开幕。大会上,与会代表一致同意:把5月1日定为国际无产阶级的共同节日。这一决议得到世界各国工人的积极响应。1890年5月1日,欧美各国的工人阶级率先走上街头,举行盛大的示威游行与集会,争取合法权益。从此,每逢这一天世界各国的劳动人民都要集会、游行,以示庆祝。
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