Chinese Valentine's Day For the Chinese Valentine's Day, there are basically three versions: one is the Lantern Festival (fifteenth); the second is three days of the lunar month, compared to the more accurate, and the other is the Tanabata Festival (in this section referred to Qi Qiao, seven early vii) the fifteenth day of the Lantern Festival, known as the Chinese Valentine's Day. This title has long since ancient times. Lantern Festival, is the most interesting women in ancient festival. In ancient times, usually the woman particularly ladylike or Xiaojiabiyu, are "three-no boudoir door," only to the Lantern Festival and on Pat's Day, before they can come out, and even her boyfriend tryst Shall. Tanabata more likely to be a woman over the holiday, its meaning to include not only begging for love, but also including Qi Qiao, begging blessing. It is not simply because it is put Tanabata Vega meet will be attached to "Valentine's Day", in the strict sense, the Lantern Festival "Valentine's Day" function better than Tanabata Festival.
对于中国情人节,目前大致有三种说法:一个是元宵节(正月十五);二是农历三月初三,相比之下,这个更为准确,另一个是七夕节(本称乞巧节,七月初七) 正月十五元宵节,被称为中国的情人节。此称谓古来已久。元宵节,是古代妇女最感兴趣的节日。在古代,平常女子特别是大家闺秀或小家碧玉,都是“三步不出闺门”,只有到了元宵节和上巳节,才可以出来,甚至和男友幽会谈情。七夕更倾向于是一个女子过的节日,其内涵不但包括乞情,更包括乞巧、乞福。因此不能单纯地因为是牛郎织女相会就把七夕附会成“情人节”,严格意义来说,元宵节的“情人节”功能胜于七夕节。
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