Diwali (Diwali Festival, also known as Hanukkah) is an important festival in India. In this day each year, fireworks and all kinds of festive lantern illuminates the darkness of the night, which is the world's approximately one billion Indians celebrate Diwali, which is one of the world's most widely celebrated festivals in India, Nepal it even is a national holiday. People celebrate Diwali period of five days, different ethnic, religious people will warm Celebration, it is a national major celebrations in India. Usually held between the end of October to the end of November of each year, at the end of the lunar month calendar in August in India, namely in India, the last lunar month of the last day.
排灯节(Diwali Festival,也叫光明节)是印度的重要节日。在每年的这一天,烟火和各种节日的灯会照亮黑暗的夜晚,这是全世界约10亿印度人在庆祝排灯节,这是世界上最广泛庆祝的节日之一,在印度、尼泊尔等,它甚至是全国性的节日。人们庆祝排灯节为期5天,不同种族、宗教的人都会热烈同庆,是印度全国性的重大庆典。通常举办在每年的10月底至11月底之间,在印度历8月朔望月的月末,即在印度阴历的最后一个月的最后一天。
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