From December 24 to January 6 next year for the Christmas festival. During the holiday season, national Christians held a grand ceremony. Christmas was originally a Christian holiday, as people paid special attention, it will become a national holiday, the state's biggest festival of the year, can be compared and the New Year, the class of the West like the New Year.
从12月24日于翌年1月6日为圣诞节节期。节日期间,各国基督教徒都举行隆重的纪念仪式。圣诞节本来是基督教徒的节日,由于人们格外重视,它便成为一个全民性的节日,国家一年中最盛大的节日,可以和新年相提并论,类 是西方似我国过春节。
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